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The way we experience life is guided by the mindset we develop within ourselves. When our goals and desires are out of tune with our behaviours, this can feel very distressing. Deep-rooted unhelpful thought patterns can see us repeating the same actions and fueling the fire of self-loathing, self-judgements and unkindness to ourselves. I can help you rewrite these patterns, overcome your limiting beliefs and rewire your story to help you achieve your wildest dreams and live a happy, well-balanced life with a calm mind.


Private Coaching

Private coaching sessions focus on unpacking and understanding the formed habits, thoughts and beliefs which are holding you back from achieving the lifestyle goals you desire. 

Group Coaching

Within a safe group setting, we share thoughts and ideas with other people facing similar problems; learning from shared experience and discovering what is possible to take your inner power back.

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With health management coaching, I can help you recognise and change your patterns of unhelpful thinking and take steps towards creating and attaining your goals allowing you to regain control over your health and life.

Coaching brings awareness to unhelpful and limiting beliefs allowing alternative intentional choices, paving the way for more permanent change.

Areas Of Expertise

Self-care is not all about hot bubble baths, tea and cake. It's about building self-compassion without judgement and learning how to live intentionally to maximise mental and physical health. I can help you identify unhelpful, limiting thoughts and habits that may be preventing you from moving forward and help reframe your mindset to achieve your goals..


My name is Dr Candy Fox, and I live in Rural Taranaki, NZ, with my partner and a menagerie of animals, my children having largely left home. I was born and raised in England, where I did my Medical training at Sheffield Medical School. I went on to train as a General Practitioner before finally specialising in Psychiatry. I worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Manchester for 5 years before moving to NZ in 2005 with my family.

I worked mainly in Auckland Hospitals before moving to New Plymouth and settling here in 2010. After working at Taranaki District Health Board for 9 years, I left to work independently in 2019 and have since trained specifically in Life Coaching with The Life Coach School (USA), and Advanced Weightloss Coaching with Corinne Crabtree, one of the leading weightloss coaches in USA.

common questions

Coaching helps individuals create a pathway to reach their desired goals. The coach and client work in a collaborative fashion to bring awareness to, and change unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and behaviour that may be limiting progress in different areas of their life – such as emotional eating, weight, relationships, work etc.

No. Coaching is aimed at functioning individuals who are looking to achieve personal goals and create outcomes that will bring them success in areas of their lives.  Coaching begins in the present, identifying goals and potential obstacles that may limit progress, including unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. 
Therapy is a form of treatment aimed at relieving emotional distress and managing mental health disorders. It should be carried out only by a registered trained professional such as a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Social Worker, Psychotherapist or licensed counsellor.

No. The coaching is aimed at identifying and changing thoughts and beliefs that may lead to behaviour such as overeating, emotional eating, bingeing etc. There is no ‘diet’. The aim is to normalise eating and food, particularly in an entrenched culture of diets, body image disturbance and body shaming. The coaching will help retrain your brain to understand hunger signals and separate uncomfortable emotions and thoughts that may create urges to eat, managing them in a less harmful way.

Payment plans are avilable by arrangement only. Please contact me to discuss.

I am a Doctor – a specialist Psychiatrist, but not your personal Doctor. I will not be making diagnoses, giving or recommending treatment for physical or mental health issues. You should continue to see your own health professional if and when necessary. 

I will not be providing specific medical advice/treatment for individuals or conditions. Clients must act on the advice of their own health practitioner. Coaching is aimed at identifying limiting thoughts and beliefs around chronic disease, and aims to help the client live a purposeful and intentional life.

Sessions are available in a package of 6. Investing for a number of weeks is most effective to help you narrow your goals, identify obstacles and make effective progress.


Coaching is not advice, therapy or counselling and does not provide support of this nature. A full set of Terms & Conditions will be provided prior commencement of coaching.